Product description

There has been much interest in the development of new natural colorants for utilization in the food industry, which is apparently due to strong consumer demand for more natural products. There is no doubt that it is technologically feasible to prepare new natural colorants from locally known plants or microorganisms that have not yet been investigated scientifically.

Natural and organic food products are increasingly capturing shoppers’ food dollars, as people are more and more concerned about biotechnological product that can enhance the health quality and what they are putting on their plates and what are the ingredients comprises of. Here at Jitu Biotech, we coveted to play a part in improving and add value to society’s life as a whole in providing abundance of natural colorant sources. We promote globally our product named Tallwin which means colors in Arabic  as well as combination of the words tall and win that means pride and win the hearts of our clientele. Our products can be applied in dairy products ( yoghurt, yoghurt drink, milk drink, cultured milk drink and ice cream , cordials and beverages, confectionaries, desserts, sauces and dressings, jams, jellies, children tablets and other pharmaceuticals products, lipsticks and other cosmetics. It all has high antioxidant activity.


We, Jitu Bio-Tech are the manufacturer of natural colorants, we use the three premier colours; blue, red and green to color the Tallwin logo. These three colored shapes were derived from the shape of a leaf to symbolise nature since we produce 100% natural products .
These shapes also symbolise a medicine capsule (medicine), lipstics and food since pharmaceutical,

neutraceutical and food and beverage are Tallwin's clientele's industries. Tallwin name defines colorant in Arabic, as well as the combination of the word tall and the word win where we stand tall and gearing forward with high commitment and determination to win the hearts of our potential clients.



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