Jitu Bio-Tech Industries is a natural colorant powder manufacturer, established on the belief that there is a critical need for creative analyses of the strategic possibilities of natural sources utilization as an ingredient for food and non-food application.  Jitu Bio-Tech combines the biotechnology research and development strategic expertise of biosciences and mixture of vast experience in entrepreneurial sectors.

Dragon fruit is one of the new focuses for the source of food colorant it is because it has rich in betalains that has array of color pigments. From the fruit, the pigment extraction will be done to get the stability and efficiency of the colorant. Furthermore, especially in food and beverages industry, food colorant is common pre-requisite to compensate for process- related losses to improve overall food appearances and this factor is important to meet customers’ expectation.

Since the product is based from natural resources with high nutrition, it will be widely accepted by the natural based product consumers who also can be considered as health conscious consumers.

In the next two years, Jitu Bio-Tech expects to provide turnover between the ranges of RM 3-5 millions annually. Natural dye is gaining popularity especially in the food and beverages sectors due to consumers’ growing concern for food safety; consumers increasingly prefer natural colorants to synthetic colorants. A British study issued last year shows that synthetic colorants may cause children to have hyperactivity.  Many large food producers, especially child food producers, are switching to natural colorants.

‎​The company logo is the combination of blue colored capital alphabet G on the left and the number 2 on the right which pronounce as Ji and Tu. The oval shaped globe symbolises the products and services we render covers throughout the world. The red colored word Jitu symbolises our continuous preserverance, determination and commitment to achieve our goals in accordance with our vision and mission.


Our Tallwin powder is made 100% from natural ingredients and its main ingredient is dragon fruit. Our dragon fruits are planted and harvested from our own farm soyou can be sure of its quality. Tallwin powder can be used as colourant as it has high amount of betanin (Same pigment as in beetroot). It can also be used as fruit powder extract for juices, candies and other food products.

Main uses: Colourant, fruit extract

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